Winter Wedding Ideas

One of the first details a bride must choose when planning her big day is which season to have the wedding. A classic winter wedding gives a wonderful opportunity to embrace the winter season and all of its beauty. It may be cold outside during the long winter months, but with proper décor, you can illuminate your winter wedding with bright, yet cozy, ambiance.

Hotel Alex Johnson is the perfect place to hold a winter wedding. All of your winter wedding ideas come to life in Hotel Alex Johnson’s ballroom. Tasseled drapes, antique chandeliers and a polished terrazzo dance floor, all under the four original murals depicting Black Hills scenes give a warm and glamorous effect throughout the room. Ceilings throughout the ballroom crossed with wooden beams tie in the feel of a cozy cabin while the view from the second floor look over a snow covered downtown complete with Christmas décor.

Snowflakes sprinkle the sidewalks and blankets of sparkling snow grace the tops of last summer’s rose bushes, giving old man winter brings the perfect opportunity to make your wedding day shine. Planning a winter wedding ties in the joy of the season and provides ideas are creatively endless. Delight your guests with winter wonderland décor which will accent your special day.

A few winter wedding ideas that will dress up your reception:

• A sure way to tie in the season is by draping mini wreaths on the back of chairs. Place ornamental nametags onto the wreath to classify seating arrangements.

• For a classic and simple touch, fill a glass vase with water and holly and top with cranberries and a white tea light candle. This is a bright yet delicate addition to the centerpiece.

A cranberry, holly, and tea light candle display is a wonderful tribute to the season.

• Have a beverage station complete with hot cocoa, hot apple cider, and hot toddies for the adults.

• Instead of a traditional candle holder, tie in the season by using aspen as a candle holder, the soft white bark will add an earthy affect to the room.

Aspen tree bark makes a wonderful candle holder.

• We have all tried to catch a snowflake in our mouth as it glided from the sky. On your wedding day, capture that innocence and provide edible snowflake cookies on your dessert bar.

Snowflake cookies bring back the innocence of childhood.

• Use pinecones as seating card holders.

• Add spruce trees with lights that reflect the colors of your wedding to illuminate the dance floor.

Creative possibilities are endless while planning a winter wedding. A touch of imagination goes a long way and your guests are sure to be charmed by the seasonal décor. It’s easy to get caught up in the planning and preparations of a wedding; however, embrace the day and the joy of the season.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Your wedding day is one that you will remember and cherish for all time. It’s also a period when families come together through the gift of love. The wedding ceremony will express a lot about the two of you and your love, style, and family. One of the best ways to incorporate these three expressions is decorating in a collaborative DIY fashion. With the fusion of two families using their creative touches for wedding décor, your special day will truly be full of wholesome love.
DIY wedding décor saves you from having to hire a professional, but who’s to say you don’t have a professional within your family? Everybody has their niche, hobby, or passion. Find those people within your family and ask if they’d like to contribute their talents to your special day and utilize the skills of your loved ones on the day that represents the love of you and your spouse.

• Do you have a friend who is always taking pictures? Perhaps you have a sister who loves outdoor photography. Make use of their talent and ask them to shoot photos throughout your wedding day.

• Use the green thumb of the family. Find the person that loves to garden and ask them to grow a few of your favorite flowers for your bouquet. Want a different twist? If the wedding is taking place during the autumn season, consider a fall leaf bouquet. The colors will be ravishing and it’s a wonderful DIY project that can include friends and family.

A fall leaf bouquet is a simple, natural, and beautiful addition to the DIY wedding.

• Will you be having wine served with dinner? Perhaps you have a family member that participates in winemaking as a side hobby. Ask them if they’d like to utilize their winemaking craft for your celebration. This will really seal the deal on a DIY wedding!

• Every family has the person with vocal cords of an angel. Instead of hiring somebody to sing during your wedding, ask a friend or family member if they’d like to share their voice on your day. This keeps the ceremony very personal as well.

• Find someone who likes to be in charge. Have them be the coordinator for your wedding. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but rather just keeping things in line on your wedding day. It could be as simple as gathering the party for photos or delegating the decorating of the reception hall.

• Need a little sweet touch? How about a pie making contest for your dessert bar. This will truly incorporate some wholesome fun as well as friendly competition among the families. Have you and your spouse judge the competition and the winner receive a small gift.

• Locate the computer guru in the family and ask them if they can take your ideas for wedding invites and implement them into a timeless wedding invitation. Take the creation to a place such as Office Max where hundreds can be printed in a cost effective manner.

A DIY wedding decor along with using the talents of loved ones on your wedding day creates an appeal of humble ambiance and unification. It proposes a prime time to join the two families and become an integral part of your special day that you will remember for a lifetime. Allow Hotel Alex Johnson to provide the perfect venue, whether it be a grand ballroom or a private reception area, for your wedding day reception.