Spiegelau Beer Tasting Event

The days are getting colder and shorter this time of year and the nights become longer. Instead of cuddling up with your favorite blanket in front of the television, get out and enjoy the night at Hotel Alex Johnson. Spiegelau Glass, the world’s oldest glass manufacturer, is holding a beer tasting event in Hotel Alex Johnson’s classic ballroom Friday, November 2, at 6:30pm. Spiegelau creates beer glasses designed to enhance the flavor, characteristics, and enjoyment of the most popular beer styles available today.

Spiegelau honors artisan craftsmanship with every glass they create. Their commitment to technological advances in the industry as well as innovative ideas leads Spiegelau glassware to rise above the rest. The taste and quality of a good beer is emphasized with the “class of glass” that Spiegelau brings to the table. People around the world enjoy the exceptional, beautiful, and durable glassware of Spiegelau.
Spiegelau Beer Glasses
This is an exciting event offering a spin on beer like you have never experienced. Long gone are the days of beer in a can, bottle, or Solo Cups. Spiegelau has crafted a dynamic collection of uniquely shaped glasses, each formed to bring out the true flavor of the brew, whether it’s a pilsner, a lager, or an IPA. Attendees have the opportunity to experience these flavor-enhancing glasses and discover how a good brew deserves to taste.

Don’t miss out on a spectacular evening in the classic Hotel Alex Johnson ballroom. Tickets are $40 per person and include a reception with appetizers prior to the event as well as a Spiegelau Tasting Set. Call 605-342-1210 for your reservation.

Vintage Wedding Reception Ideas

Planning a wedding reception at the Alex Johnson creates the perfect opportunity for a timeless occasion.  Something to bring to light in regards to planning a vintage wedding is that it can remain simple, yet classy, at a minimal cost.  Vintage can be done in the “DIY” manner with a little creativity.  Using resources like thrift stores, online stores, or even garage sales, you can create a timeless vintage look for your special day.

A vintage wedding projects the ‘less is more’ mantra.  Too much of one theme tends to be overwhelming and at some times, rather gaudy.  Keeping it simple with vintage accents will give the reception an authentic appeal.  Remember, these accents do not have to cost an arm and a leg.  Check out some thrift stores and see what you can create and grab some friends and family to help with the project; not only will you be creating an unforgettable wedding reception, you will be creating memories.
vintage wedding cake

  •  Instead of the generic wedding guest book, try an old fashion typewriter. Have guests type out their wishes and blessings.  Not only will this be unique and different, your guests will enjoy the originality compared to traditional guest books.
  •  Lace gives a vintage look, however, too much begins to be overboard.  Keep it simple yet inviting with vintage lace doily runners on the tables.  For an additional touch, add flower petals to create a bit of color.
  •   Mason jars can be used in a variety of ways for a vintage wedding.  Display black and white photos of the bride and groom along with wedding photos of friends and families placed inside the mason jar.  Position the display throughout the reception area, perhaps on the doilies lacing the tables.  Not only will guests enjoy viewing the photos, the black and white will create an antique photo appeal.
  • Mason jars may also be used as a flower vase.  To accent to the jar, tie a nice fabric around the top and let the flowers do the rest of the work.  It is a relaxed concept, yet brings you back to a simpler era.
  • Use a mirror as a centerpiece as they create a large and dramatic look with a touch of simplicity.  Used mirrors are an easy find and the vintage look will surface with a little paint and crafty up do’s.  Try placing some lace over sections of the mirror and place flower petals or polished stones over the glass.  This creates an earthy and authentic look.  If a simpler look is desired, a mirror without a frame will do just as well and still create a large look.
  • Use an antique suite case to hold wedding cards.  Instead of a basket holding the wedding cards, an antique suite case, or perhaps an old suite case that has been dolled up, will add a creative touch to the décor.  Place the suite case next to the typewriter guest book and guests will be in love with the décor the second they walk in the doors.

These are just a few ideas to consider when having a vintage wedding reception. Keep it simple and classy while remembering a little goes a long way with an antique appeal. Most important, have fun planning, preparing, and shopping for ideas for the day that represents your love.