Spiegelau Beer Tasting Event

The days are getting colder and shorter this time of year and the nights become longer. Instead of cuddling up with your favorite blanket in front of the television, get out and enjoy the night at Hotel Alex Johnson. Spiegelau Glass, the world’s oldest glass manufacturer, is holding a beer tasting event in Hotel Alex Johnson’s classic ballroom Friday, November 2, at 6:30pm. Spiegelau creates beer glasses designed to enhance the flavor, characteristics, and enjoyment of the most popular beer styles available today.

Spiegelau honors artisan craftsmanship with every glass they create. Their commitment to technological advances in the industry as well as innovative ideas leads Spiegelau glassware to rise above the rest. The taste and quality of a good beer is emphasized with the “class of glass” that Spiegelau brings to the table. People around the world enjoy the exceptional, beautiful, and durable glassware of Spiegelau.
Spiegelau Beer Glasses
This is an exciting event offering a spin on beer like you have never experienced. Long gone are the days of beer in a can, bottle, or Solo Cups. Spiegelau has crafted a dynamic collection of uniquely shaped glasses, each formed to bring out the true flavor of the brew, whether it’s a pilsner, a lager, or an IPA. Attendees have the opportunity to experience these flavor-enhancing glasses and discover how a good brew deserves to taste.

Don’t miss out on a spectacular evening in the classic Hotel Alex Johnson ballroom. Tickets are $40 per person and include a reception with appetizers prior to the event as well as a Spiegelau Tasting Set. Call 605-342-1210 for your reservation.

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