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The Black Hills region is filled with deep rooted history and culture. One cornerstone for the development of the Black Hills and Rapid City, is the Hotel Alex Johnson. The Hotel Alex Johnson has a rich past for the area and the people of Rapid City. As one of the historic hotels of America, the Hotel Alex Johnson, is a premiere Rapid City hotel.

Vice President of the Chicago-Northwestern Railroad, Alex Carlton Johnson, envisioned building a hotel to be the “Showplace of the West”. He wanted to infuse German traditional architecture for the German immigrants who traveled to the Dakotas with the heritage of the Sioux Indian Nation. His vision became a reality when they broke ground on the Hotel Alex Johnson in downtown Rapid City in 1927, just one day before they started carving Mount Rushmore. Within 11 months, this grand historic hotel of America opened its doors and started paving the way for celebrities, US presidents, and more to experience the beautiful Black Hills with top-notch service.

Johnson brought architects from Chicago to help him build his dream and execute all of the details precisely. The 11 story Hotel Alex Johnson boasts grand Germanic Tudor architecture on the outside catching anyone’s eyes as they stroll through downtown Rapid City. The inside of the hotel has touches of Native American influence such as the “four corners of the Earth” symbols imbedded into the floor tiles. Since the railroad was an intricate part of the expansion of Rapid City and acted as a gateway for the Black Hills to the rest of the world, bits of railroad memorabilia can be found throughout the hotel as well.

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Over the years this top Rapid City hotel has seen quite the array of guests. Former Presidents Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan have stayed at this famous historic hotel of America. In addition to our nations presidents, the Hotel Alex Johnson has also hosted many famous celebrities throughout the years including Jane Fonda, Jay Leno, KISS, Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kevin Costner, just to name a few. The Hotel Alex Johnson is not only the premiere hotel of Rapid City but a show-stopper among the historic hotels of America.

The Hotel Alex Johnson is a registered property with the Historic Hotels of America, a National Trust for Historic Preservation. The group includes more than 230 hotels throughout the country that are recognized by Historic Hotels of America for preserving and maintaining their historic integrity.

Historic Hotels of America | Rapid City Hotel

The Hotel Alex Johnson has a long history for not only Rapid City, but our entire nation. The Hotel Alex Johnson allows guests to stay at one of the top Historic Hotels of America and surround guests with the vibrant history of the Black Hills. As a foremost Rapid City hotel, book your adventure to the Black Hills and take a step back into our nation’s history by staying at the historic Hotel Alex Johnson.