The Hotel Alex Johnson : A Top Haunted Hotel

As the leaves start to change to burnt orange and rust-colored reds, the thought of Halloween starts coming to many people and children’s minds.  Slowly pumpkins start popping up on porches and children delight themselves in picking patterns to carve on their pumpkins.  Halloween costumes are chosen and candy bought.  Everyone indulges themselves in a little spooky fun like watching classic scary movie or by listening to ghost stories around camp fires.  But what if you did not have to go far to see if your favorite ghost story was true?  One of the top haunted hotels in the nation can be found no further than in downtown Rapid City.  The Hotel Alex Johnson has a pretty expansive list of spooky inhabitants and thrilling ghostly happenings year-round.

One of the top ghostly tales that has been floating around the Hotel Alex Johnson is the story of the “Lady in White”.  The Lady in White is said to haunt the 8th floor of this top haunted hotel with particular looming in room 812.  The Lady in White apparently stems from the death of a woman that frequented the Hotel Alex Johnson and was well-known for being a pleasant woman, but who apparently jumped to her death from the 8th floor of the hotel.  She was also, well known for her inheritance money, which many believe was the cause for her untimely death, not suicide.  While we may never know the truth, sightings of a woman wearing white on the 8th floor have been plentiful and even unexplainable noises happen.  Some workers have even noted that the window in 812 will randomly open or drawers in the dresser will be pulled out or placed upside down, when no one stays in the room. 

Haunted Hotel |Hotel Alex Johnson

The “Lady in White” is not the only spooky story floating around this haunted hotel.  Some people have even sighted Alex Johnson floating around his famous hotel.  Alex Johnson loved the Hotel Alex Johnson so much that some believe Mr. Johnson could not bear to part from the hotel, even after death.  Others have heard faint pianos play at odd hours of the night, objects move or even disappear without human assistance, conversations from areas of the hallways when no one is there, or even the cries of a female.  SyFy’s hit show “Ghost Hunters” even traveled to this top haunted hotel to stay for a few nights and conduct research on paranormal activities at the Hotel Alex Johnson.

Now do not worry, there is nothing to fear staying at the wonderful historic Hotel Alex Johnson.  Experts believe that any paranormal happenings are harmless.  Why don’t you be the judge? Hotel Alex Johnson offers a Haunted Room Package where you can stay one night in a room on the 8th floor, receive a complimentary Alex Johnson Ghost Hunter t-shirt, and a $20 certificate for Paddy O’Neill’s.  Spending the night in one of the most haunted hotels in America too much for you?  No worries, the Hotel Alex Johnson will be offering a night of ghoulish dancing and fun at a Halloween Party on November 1st.  This party will include a DJ, costume contest, drinks, and tasty food!  For more information on staying at this premiere haunted hotels contact the Hotel Alex Johnson at 888-729-0708 and book your Halloween fun!