The Hotel Alex Johnson has a legendary history for being among the known haunted hotels in Rapid City SD and the surrounding Black Hills. From professional paranormal investigators to novice ghost hunters, the hotel has garnered a reputation for its ghost hauntings.
There are countless stories of mysterious sightings, knocks on doors, and unexplained noises particularly in the lobby, ballroom, and crawl spaces. Rooms 802 and 812 have been singled out by guests for having particularly high levels of paranormal activity. In fact, guests staying on the eighth floor have occasionally reported hearing footsteps and noises on the floor above them – only to find out that a higher guest room floor doesn’t exist.

The most notorious ghost story involves the “Lady in White” that haunts the 8thfloor, in particular Room 812. Many years ago, it is said that a young woman jumped out of the window in that room to her death. She was a very happy, friendly lady and a regular guest at the Alex Johnson. Individuals that knew her best found it highly unlikely that she had actually jumped and committed suicide. They suspected foul play as she stood to inherit a good sum of money. Today, people report that she wanders the halls in a white gown, searching for those that are responsible for her death. Sometimes, the window in the room is found open in the morning. Dresser drawers are turned upside down then put back in the dresser, and some people hear eerie sounds.

A more recent story involves a family who reported seeing the ghost a young girl on the eighth floor of the hotel. After staying on the floor for multiple nights, the family reported that a young girl would knock on the door of their room at an early hour in the morning and when they opened the door, the girl would run away down the hallway. Some people claim to have seen the ghost of Alex Johnson himself, the hotel’s founder. It is thought that since opening his grand hotel in 1928, he has stayed on the premises to ensure operations are still running smoothly.

Alex Johnson on “Ghost Hunters”

Hotel Alex Johnson has become so well known for its ghost haunting that SyFy’s hit show “Ghost Hunters” even traveled to Rapid City to do a special segment on the hotel. On the “Ghost Hunters” blog, the ghost investigators report that they experienced significant paranormal activity at haunted locations all over the hotel.  Read the blog here.

Rest assured, though, the Hotel Alex Johnson owners believe there is nothing to fear; whatever activity may be there is harmless. Come stay with us and decide for yourself if Hotel Alex Johnson tops your list of the Black Hills’ most haunted locations.Request our “Haunted” room package to stay in one of the rumored paranormal rooms available on the eighth floor of the Hotel Alex Johnson.

Ghost Adventure Package

Looking for the ultimate haunted experience? Go no further than the Ghost Adventure package at The Historic Hotel Alex Johnson. The hotel has been featured on an episode in Season 7 of the series “Ghost Hunters” and according to many guest and staff of the hotel, the haunting are abundant. Are you brave enough to stay the night in one of our paranormal rooms?

  • Package starting at $99
  • Accommodation in a reported Paranormal Room
  • A K2 Meter(Ghost Detector)(1 per reservation)
  • $25 Dining Credit
  • Free Access to the Vertex Sky Bar located at the top of the Hotel Alex Johnson
  • Free Valet Parking
Please make sure to select the correct number of guests staying in the room when booking.
Please note that a upgrade to a haunted room may be available at check-in. Please inquire at that time if you are interested in staying in a haunted room.