Vintage Wedding Reception Ideas

Planning a wedding reception at the Alex Johnson creates the perfect opportunity for a timeless occasion.  Something to bring to light in regards to planning a vintage wedding is that it can remain simple, yet classy, at a minimal cost.  Vintage can be done in the “DIY” manner with a little creativity.  Using resources like thrift stores, online stores, or even garage sales, you can create a timeless vintage look for your special day.

A vintage wedding projects the ‘less is more’ mantra.  Too much of one theme tends to be overwhelming and at some times, rather gaudy.  Keeping it simple with vintage accents will give the reception an authentic appeal.  Remember, these accents do not have to cost an arm and a leg.  Check out some thrift stores and see what you can create and grab some friends and family to help with the project; not only will you be creating an unforgettable wedding reception, you will be creating memories.
vintage wedding cake

  •  Instead of the generic wedding guest book, try an old fashion typewriter. Have guests type out their wishes and blessings.  Not only will this be unique and different, your guests will enjoy the originality compared to traditional guest books.
  •  Lace gives a vintage look, however, too much begins to be overboard.  Keep it simple yet inviting with vintage lace doily runners on the tables.  For an additional touch, add flower petals to create a bit of color.
  •   Mason jars can be used in a variety of ways for a vintage wedding.  Display black and white photos of the bride and groom along with wedding photos of friends and families placed inside the mason jar.  Position the display throughout the reception area, perhaps on the doilies lacing the tables.  Not only will guests enjoy viewing the photos, the black and white will create an antique photo appeal.
  • Mason jars may also be used as a flower vase.  To accent to the jar, tie a nice fabric around the top and let the flowers do the rest of the work.  It is a relaxed concept, yet brings you back to a simpler era.
  • Use a mirror as a centerpiece as they create a large and dramatic look with a touch of simplicity.  Used mirrors are an easy find and the vintage look will surface with a little paint and crafty up do’s.  Try placing some lace over sections of the mirror and place flower petals or polished stones over the glass.  This creates an earthy and authentic look.  If a simpler look is desired, a mirror without a frame will do just as well and still create a large look.
  • Use an antique suite case to hold wedding cards.  Instead of a basket holding the wedding cards, an antique suite case, or perhaps an old suite case that has been dolled up, will add a creative touch to the décor.  Place the suite case next to the typewriter guest book and guests will be in love with the décor the second they walk in the doors.

These are just a few ideas to consider when having a vintage wedding reception. Keep it simple and classy while remembering a little goes a long way with an antique appeal. Most important, have fun planning, preparing, and shopping for ideas for the day that represents your love.




Take a Knee Atop the Alex Johnson – the Perfect Location for Saying “Yes!”

A unique marriage proposal idea can be hard to come by. Is the traditional dinner at a fancy restaurant the perfect option for popping the question? Or will a private, at-home proposal be the intimate moment your significant other will remember affectionately for all time? Perhaps you want to step outside the box and surprise your intended with a unique marriage proposal in a romantic Black Hills location. Before you jump to hasty conclusions and plaster your proposal on the video board at the Rush game—before you empty your savings account on a skywriting airplane—consider the professional assistance of one of the most romantic Black Hills locations: the Vertex Sky Bar situated on the rooftop of the historic Hotel Alex Johnson.

A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create “the perfect moment” and wow your special someone with above-and-beyond romantic preparation and planning. You can make your marriage proposal unique by considering three major components: scenery, ambiance, and the element of surprise. The Vertex Sky Bar has the first two of these components, in addition to a staff of professionals who can assist you in creating a flawless evening. For scenery, there is no other romantic Black Hills location quite like the rooftop view from the apex of the city skyline. A historic landmark in downtown Rapid City, the Alex Johnson Hotel is the highest point in the municipal area and the best opportunity for unparalleled views. Time your proposal with the sunset and take a knee against the pink and purple hues rising above the rolling peaks and hills to the west.

For ambience, consider the fusion of sophistication and opulence in the stylish décor of the Vertex’s interior design. Pair this with a premium flight of wine from the revolutionary WineStation or a top shelf cocktail mixed by an expertly trained Vertex bartender. Prime your unique marriage proposal with a sumptuous dinner of elegant fares, including our filet mignon and lobster tail pair, a towering inferno of desserts, or a tasty tray of chocolate covered strawberries. Vertex cuisine delicacies are the perfect complement to an unforgettably romantic evening. In purchasing one of the Vertex’s lavish dinner options in conjunction with our “Say Yes!” proposal package, you’ll receive the benefit of Vertex-assisted preparation, along with the necessities for asking your big question: a long-stemmed rose, a personalized ring presentation, and a bottle of champagne for toasting upon the moment of your engagement. Count on the Vertex to capture your unique marriage proposal in a photograph—a framed memory to hold on to.

The element of surprise is entirely up to you and your collaboration with the Vertex Sky Bar personnel. The “Say Yes!” package provides the location, the tone, and the necessities—you provide the romantic creativity for a story that will be told time and time again for many years to come. There’s no need to disappoint those hypothetical grandchildren.

The Vertex Sky Bar’s “Say Yes!” package is available to both members and non-members. Call 605.854.1215 to reserve an evening for your proposal on the rooftop of the most romantic Black Hills location.