Haunted? You Decide.

Posted: October 24, 2017

A woman in her wedding dress; a tall, old businessman; a young girl — All of these individuals have been spotted by guests and employees alike. But this is common question we hear all too often: Is the Hotel Alex Johnson really haunted? 

That’s for you to decide. However, there are countless stories from guests and employees that have been recorded in a “ghost book” found at the front desk. Here are just a few of the paranormal visitors.

One of the most commonly spotted silhouettes is known as The Lady in White on the eighth floor. This woman, unfortunately, was left at the alter by her fiancé on their wedding day. Triggered by a broken heart, the young bride committed suicide by flinging herself out of the window of room 812. Those that knew the young woman insisted there was foul play, stating that she was much too happy and friendly to commit such an act. The fact that she was to inherit a large sum of money only strengthened their argument. Yet, no one was ever convicted of her murder and the suicide ruling stood firm.

Alex Johnson, whose name has adorned the hotel since it was built in 1928, is said to still roam the halls, ensuring his masterpiece remains in top shape.

The young girl is rarely seen but often heard. There have been reports of an unseen girl giggling down the hallways and knocking on doors. Children have also been said to “meet” this young girl.

Although not all guests and employees believe that the historic hotel is haunted, there are countless stories of encounters. One of the most compelling encounters comes with visual evidence.

A couple years ago, a commercial airline pilot decided to spend the night in the Hotel Alex Johnson during an overnight stay in Rapid City. As he was walking through the halls, he decided to try the new “burst” picture feature on his cell phone. “Bursts” are when the camera takes multiple pictures in rapid succession.

As he was flipping through the photos he had taken, he noticed one that was very different from the rest. The image he captured can be viewed above.

Some claim it’s a near perfect silhouette of The Lady in White. Other say it’s an edited photo. Still others say it’s simply a reflection off of the pictures in the hallway. What do you think?

Reader’s Digest and CheapTickets.com have recently listed the hotel in their “Most Haunted Hotels” lists. The SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” explored the spooky hallways of the Alex in season seven of the show and found compelling evidence of their own. However, whether the Hotel Alex Johnson is truly haunted or not is up to you to decide. Book one of our haunted rooms this Halloween season for a night you’re soon not to forget.