A Murder Mystery at Hotel Alex Johnson

The weekend at historical Hotel Alex Johnson started out as any other weekend would. Guests eagerly made their way through the hotel doors where they were greeted by the friendly valet staff. While checking in for the weekend, the Manager exchanged warm conversation and gave each guest a wide smile as they made their way to the hotel elevator.

As they settled into their luxurious rooms, the guests felt comfortable and relaxed. Ironically, this would be the last time they felt at ease during their weekend-long stay. Soon, something would happen at the mysterious Hotel Alex Johnson that has never happened before. How will each guest react? Can they trust the strangers that surround them, or even the people they know and share a hotel room with?

After freshening up in their rooms, the guests made their way to the Ballroom for a cocktail party where they would first meet the other hotel guests. A charismatic man standing in the center of the room boastfully told stories of his recent extravagant business trip while his shorter, sidekick-looking acquaintance cracked jokes in correlation to the stories, almost like they’ve rehearsed it. A woman in a fitted red dress standing near the cocktail bar sipped her martini, scanning each guest as they passed by. Across the room, a husband and wife quietly, but firmly, exchanged conversation amongst themselves as if they were discussing secrets. The Ballroom was filled with many different personalities, from audacious to mysterious, the wide mixture of characters was about to make for a very interesting weekend at Hotel Alex Johnson.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that this average weekend at the downtown Rapid City hotel is, in fact, not an average weekend, because shortly after the cocktail party was the dinner, and the dinner is where the true mysterious weekend began— with a bang. 

Suddenly, it happened. In a heart stopping moment, panic struck. Someone was murdered in Hotel Alex Johnson. How? Where? But more importantly, who did it?

Guests quickly turned the suspicion on each other, trusting no one. Will you have an alibi? How will this murder mystery unravel? Well, that’s an answer you’ll have to find out for yourself.

On Friday, November 9, 2018 – Sunday, November 11, 2018

Join us in solving Rapid City’s most mysterious fictional murder at Hotel Alex Johnson. For $250 per person, Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery weekend includes:

  • An entertaining 3-day/ 2-night Murder Mystery Weekend Adventure
  • Accommodation for two nights
  • Friday welcome reception and heavy hors d’oeuvre dinner
  • Saturday breakfast, lunch, cocktail reception, and dinner
  • Sunday breakfast and awarding of prizes

How can you reserve a spot for the Murder Mystery Weekend? By calling: 605.342.1210

Plus, the first five Murder Mystery Weekend reservations will receive an upgrade to a suite! Don’t wait to call because spots are limited, and they will not last long!

Learn more about Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery here